The Gray

Why didn’t you care? I asked for so little. Don’t cheat and show you care here and there. You couldn’t do either. I gave you so many chances. Even now, if you begged me to stay I would. But you just don’t care

I have no fucking clue why I ever thought you’d care about me.

Obviously you are proud of yourself and of what you’ve done. Congrats I’m so fucking happy he loved it

God I’m terrible. Just seeing guys talking to you pisses me off

Seriously you flirt with guys tell them to text you and wonder why I’m so pissed off? You said you’d change. Flirting with guys and ask for numbers and texting buddies and shit doesn’t help at all. Considering I am still trying to get over the last thing you did to me

What happened to you’re the only one…..

Yep I love crying

God it still hurts
I wish it would stop

I’d take you back in a heartbeat if you wanted me too. But you don’t anymore. And that’s why I have to get over it